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SO GLAD TO BE BACK! Can't wait to rip some alliance flesh :sick:
Awww yeah! Just unlocked mah garrison! Rodeville coming through!

Conquest Vendor PSA

Gorfrunch Chief posted Dec 4, 14
There are secret new conquest vendors in Warspear! You don't have to queue for Ashran just to look at your future set of armor.

If facing the exit gate from Warspear to Ashran, take the last path to your right and look for Lieutenant Axelash

Conquest Vendor

Conquest Vendor (Map)

World PVP! Prepare Yourselves!

Gorfrunch Chief posted Dec 2, 14
The Grin has been well ahead of the leveling curve in the World PvP community, and as such we haven't faced major opposition out in Draenor just yet. This will change soon, as others tire of sitting in their garrisons, and our enemies slowly reach greater numbers of level 100s and start looking for blood.

I've put together the start of a guide outlining the useful items, consumables, and passive buffs that significantly impact world PvP in Draenor. Some of these items will be integral parts of our world PvP strategy, so read up and contribute!

Read it here:

A Foothold in Draenor

Gorfrunch Chief posted Nov 25, 14
A score of the Grin’s finest rode by moonlight, their battle cries rivaled only by the snarling of their worgs and the screams of those who stood in their path.

The Grin, having scouted this strange reflection of the world from which many of them came, had found a suitable location for an outpost.

"These lands belong to the Orcs; we shall drive the filth from them. We’ll not sit idly as the Alliance gain a foothold in Draenor."

Exiles of the Shadowmoon, claiming their clan honorless and beyond redemption, found themselves forced to accept the aid of the Draenei and the Alliance to attempt to undo Ner’zhul’s work. They could not stand alone against the Iron Horde or the Alliance, until now.

"We Grin are exiles, outcasts, some even think of us as outlaws. We challenged the rule of the Peacechief Thrall; now we challenge Peacechief Vol'jin, who would have us surrender our lands to the Alliance in favor of peace.

"We share a kinship with the Exiles of the Shadowmoon Clan, as they too have challenged the decisions of their leaders, and now must make what lives they are able. The Exiles may continue to convince the Alliance to aid them in their work, but our task shall be to bolster the defense of these lands; to stomp out the Alliance incursion and punish the Draenei who welcome them."

"The Exiles offer us the shelter of their cave in exchange for our aid. This cave shall be our outpost on Draenor, and from this outpost we mount raid against the alliance as they establish Lunarfall.

"Draenor belongs to the Orcs. The Exile’s Rise is under the protection of the Blacktooth Grin. As for the Alliance forces in the Shadowmoon Valley? We’ll teach them to FEAR THE GRIN!"

Ankgra Enf Fear the Grin!
The Grin is heading back through the Dark Portal tomorrow to face what awaits us on the other side. Keep up with the ongoing story on the forums and be ready to dive into the fray!
Old alts are getting booted, and alts of active players are being moved to the rank of Outrider.

Keeping track of everyone is a lot easier if we have a sense of real numbers in the ranks of Grunt and Grot.

If you have any questions, know someone who got kicked who you feel shouldn't have, or just want to vent your frustration, contact an officer!

Also, please update your main here on the site to what you want your main to be. We understand that sometimes folks split their time evenly between a couple of characters, but don't worry, we just need one to be your main for a headcount.

Warlords of Draenor is quickly approaching! We'll do another cleanup once it's clear who is and isn't coming back. Make room for fresh recruits!

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